Ultimate quick Tour of Paris

In order to get the best value out of your all day RER/Metro ticket I have created the ultimate one day trip that will allow you to “see” a large percentage of the tourist spots in Paris. I spent countless minutes reviewing my pocket RER/Metro map to determine the best route for the day. This route has been thoroughly tested and I personally have been a tour guide to this plan.

Start – Board the RER at Massy Verrières (B) (Don’t forget to validate your ticket before going up the stairs to the platform)

Joshua and Jonah in front of the Eiffel towerStop 1 : St-Michel Notre Dame – This is a great location to start any trip in Paris. You can start your day off with a quick confession or just pray in the cathedral that has been here since 1163 (although construction was not completed until around 1345) There are signs that say no flash photos but I don’t think there is anyone that enforces this rule because there were flashes going off everywhere.

Stop 2 : Hôtel de Ville – Currently there is an ice skating rink setup in front of city hall so you can either rent some skates or just watch for a few minutes and then cross the street for a quick bite to eat at a world famous restaurant. The English translation of the name is spelled McDonald’s; it’s very popular with the locals and the tourists.

Stop 3 : Palais Royal Musée du Louvre – After lunch the best way to work off the calories is to walk around the Louvre. (Walking in the Louvre is expensive so walking around the outside lets you experience it for free) You can also take the Metro directly there and shop in the Carrousel while you are there and if you have to use the restrooms while you are there it will cost 1 euro. (But they do clean the toilets between each use.) There are plenty of sculptures to see in the courtyard of the Louvre for free so I recommend walking the courtyard but watch out for the birds or they might leave a work of art on you, DeAnna was privileged to have one of these special packages left on her coat. Also, you should be able to talk the street vendors into at least 4 Eiffel tower key chains for 1 euro, so don’t go with their first offer.

Stop 4 : Walk along the Seine – A trip to Paris would not be complete without a stroll down the Seine, so hop back on the Metro and there are multiple stops to pick depending on how far you feel like walking. I think 2km gives you a good feel for the river.

Stop 5 : Pont de l’Alma – For the fans of the Statue of Liberty and Princess Diana this stop allows you to see a replica of the flame that is on the Statue and also under the flame is the tunnel where the Princess Diana had her tragic car accident.

Stop 6 :  Arc de Triomphe – A trip to Paris is not complete without seeing Arc de Triomphe also know as one crazy round-about. I think it offers some of the best views of Paris, but the views are not for the faint of heart since there are 234 steps to get to the top.

Stop 7 : Eiffel Tower – I saved the most important stop for last. The Eiffel Tower, if you really like walking up steps there are 704 steps to get to the top. We chose instead to stick with ice cream and cotton candy at the base and take several pictures to prove we were there.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Awesome tour guide. Can’t wait to get it first hand.

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