Going up River

Today I wanted to share Faith Comes by Hearing’s Stories from the Field. I pray that you will be encouraged as I was, as I listened to the account of going up the river.

Some areas in South America are extremely dangerous; there are a lot of leftist gorillas and drug controlled areas that make it extremely dangerous for the Faith Comes by Hearing workers that are distributing audio Bibles for Wycliffe. Most of the times, these workers are putting their lives on the line to distribute God’s Word in audio form.

listening-to-proclaimerOne of these workers had a boat, and was going up the river handing out audio bibles and he was right on the edge of the gorilla controlled areas and he had one audio Bible left. The Lord said to him to continue to go up the river. He was really afraid but he was more afraid to disobey God, so he started up the river. The Lord said go a little further and a little further and he kept getting more and more afraid and then he arrived at the village. He got off the boat and a lady came and greeted him and asked him “What do you want?” He told her that, “I’ve come to bring you the Spanish Bible in audio.” She began screaming and ran off; he wasn’t really sure what to do because at this point a crowd had started to form. About 5 minutes later the woman came back dragging a blind man behind her. When the blind man got there he introduced himself as the pastor of the community and begins to share that a few months ago he and the church began to pray that, “Lord you know that I’m blind and most of my people can’t read. We’ve heard that there is such a thing as an audio Bible; would you please send one to us.”

The woman then shared with the worker from Faith Comes by Hearing that when they prayed that prayer, that it seemed so impossible that there was no way that could happen to us. So when you came and told me that you came to give me the audio Bible in Spanish I was just in shock. They now have the greatest gift they could possibly have; God’s Word in their language.

God will make a way when there seems like there is no way possible. I rejoice with this village as they now have God’s Word available to them. Do we limit our prayers to what we think is possible? I’ll admit sometimes I do, but many times when I see God do the impossible in my life I’m reminded of prayers from villagers that ask God to do the impossible which challenge me to also pray for “seemingly” impossible; “For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37 NIV)

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