Row Your Boat

Many years ago before we were married we were leading a junior high youth group and it was time to take the group on an overnight canoe trip. So after an uncomfortable night’s “sleep” in two tents we were able to spend the following day attempting to paddle our canoe down the river. After the tenth time we flipped the canoe we agreed that spending time rowing a boat was not something that we should do together if we want to stay together. We have managed to keep away from rowing boats now for over 10 years, until yesterday.

We spent the day at Little Buffalo State Park and a visit to the park would not be complete without renting a boat and going around the lake. We were originally planning on getting a pedal boat, but only 3 of us would be allowed to ride in the pedal boat. So we decided we would have our lunch out on the lake in one of their row boats. After assuring that the boys’ life vests were securely fastened we headed out for our tour around the lake. I am pleased to report that we remained upright the entire time and we were able to enjoy our lunch with a flock of ducks that was swimming around the lake with us, although for some reason the ducks didn’t want to share any of our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with us even though both boys insisted on throwing their food towards them. I still don’t think it’s time to try a canoe yet, but Joshua now knows the correct way to row a boat.

getting ready to go out on the lake

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1 Response to Row Your Boat

  1. AUNT DARLENE says:

    Dear Anderson Family I know you are rowing your boat in the right direction , because God is with you.

    Love you very much

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