Chocolate Covered Fun

Every time we stay in Harrisburg we have to go to Chocolate World, the kids are no longer scarred when we get cooked in the oven or when the cows begin to sing on the ride. My favorite part of the ride is the free candy you get at the end, but they were giving out the regular Hershey bar and mine turned to chocolate milk because I put it in my pocket instead of eating it right away; my advice is to eat it right away before you make it down the ramp to the store. Like any good tourist attraction you are forced through the gift store before leaving and we let the kids pick some candy because I wanted some fresh Twizzlers. I don’t know if this is really the WORLD’s largest Hershey Bar but the boys had fun holding it, I think I saw more people pose with it for pictures for their blogs then I saw anyone actually buying them.


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