Fun with kittens

The boys have really started having fun with the kittens, and the kittens also seem to enjoy their new home. The boys were able to get some toys for their new friends along with some other toys but the kittens favorite toy is a rolled up piece of aluminum foil, I’m sure if we had a big cardboard box the boys and the kittens would have their two favorite toys. The boys are learning what the word gentle means if they don’t want the cats to run and hide under the bed. They also thought it was their job to be the disciplinarians and they took turns spraying the cat with the water bottle; patches was very wet and the boys thought it was funny until mommy and daddy took away the bottle and made them spend some time away from the kittens. We’ve only had a few scratches but that doesn’t stop the boys from wanting to share their toys with the kitten. Patches enjoys walking through the hot wheels ramp as long as there are no cars on it.

Cat through the loop

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