Today I took the boys to Hoffer Park to play on the wooden castle; this is by far one of my favorite parks in Middletown PA and makes a great place for playing hide-and-seek. Joshua and I started playing while Jonah tried to see how much sand he could fit in his shoes with his feet still in them; since he was somewhat sweaty he was able to get the soft sand to fuse to his feet that were hypothetical being protected by his blue and gray striped socks. We made some new friends who asked me if I had to walk to the park, because they had to walk super far to get there from the daycare that was really far away. They turned out to be super spies that were pointing me in the direction of the hider making it difficult for Joshua to find a place to hide, but once they joined our game of hide-and-seek I no longer received any tips. Jonah has not mastered the art of being silent while hiding, or at least to not sing a song while hiding, he was normally the first one to be found. My rule for the day was that when you counted to 50 while everyone hid if had to be in French and one of the girls from the daycare said she could do it in Spanish so we had a tri-lingual game of hide-go-seek in the wooden castle by the river today.


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