On the road again

We are now living in Harrisburg.  The drive from Missouri to Pennsylvania was very calm and quiet and I think that was because we were driving both vehicles and we were able to separate the boys for the majority of the trip, unless it was movie time then we just heard the sound of the movie.

I’m not really sure what the maximum weight that our minivan can hall but I’m pretty sure we were within a few pounds of exceeding it on our way to the keystone state in the silver bullet. I noticed once the van was unloaded we once again had some clearance between the rear tires and the van. I learned on this trip the art of attaching luggage to the roof rack, but I was not able to get our square suitcases into an aerodynamic pattern which caused the van to shake when we were too close to the semi trailers, and also seemed to not help the gas millage. I also couldn’t get a straight answer out of the hotel clerk if this was a safe neighborhood or if I should unload the roof rack. She recommended I not leave anything in the car. It is much easier to get it down then put it up and attach it and I didn’t break a sweat getting it down.

1_600px-Pennsylvania_Turnpike_logo.svgFor those who have not driven the Pennsylvania turnpike there seems to be some confusion over two competing signs. One sign states that the speed limit is 65 MPH and the other sign states that you are driving on Interstate 76. I noticed that going 65 MPH would cause you to get run off the road and I’m not sure if my sign language is still accurate but I don’t think all the hand gestures were very loving. I’ve also heard from more than one person that the state police don’t buy the story that I thought the speed limit was 76 MPH. Missouri has simplified this on Interstate 70 and just made the speed limit 70 MPH, so my suggestion to PA would be to follow suit and change the speed limit to 76 MPH since everyone passed me doing at least 76 MPH.

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  1. Carrie Matter says:

    We’re so glad you made it safely to PA! Looking forward to seeing you guys. Also, I agree that they should change the speed limit on the turnpike, but I can’t imagine what I-81 would be like if they did that! It’s scary enough with all that traffic. Our new route, thanks to Paul and Jeanne is much better 🙂 See you guys soon and enjoy the Harrisburg area!

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