Water Gun Battle

Tonight after dinner and all the dishes were washed the boys, including daddy, went outside to test our ability at staying dry while chasing each other with a water gun. Since this was not my first time at playing with water everyone put on their swimming suits and then daddy filled up the water guns. Their first mission, that they choose to accept, was to see if they could get daddy’s t-shirt wet. They accomplished this mission after the first refill of water while I was loading their guns they decided to take advantage of the situation and overpower me with their commanding fifty cent florescent green soaker gun that leaks out the top when it’s fired.

water-gunMaw Maw came outside and asked the boys to pose for a picture, as they posed for the picture she shot them with her camera that was actually a water gun that shoots water when you pretend to take a picture. I don’t think she was prepared for Joshua’s quick thinking of firing back with the cup full of water that he was using to fill up his water gun. She was no longer an unarmed civilian; she had entered the conflict and according to the Geneva Convention Rules of Water Gun Fights she was now a lawful combatant and would have to pay with having her clothes drenched. She then let the boys try to take her picture with the camera, but this was a trick camera that allows you to turn the direction of the nozzle so when they pushed the button it sprayed them in the face. I’m sure they are going to be a little camera shy for the next few days, but the war is not over and there will be another water gun battle in the next few days.

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3 Responses to Water Gun Battle

  1. Pop Pop says:

    There’s nothing like a water gun battle to cool down the evening. Love you.

  2. Lisa Cooper says:

    Way to go Grandma! Wishing I had a picture of the “picture” taking. 🙂

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