Preschool Graduation

This evening Rainbow Kingdom celebrated the completion of the 2009 school year. They started off with a contest to see who could say the Pledge of Allegiance the loudest and I’m glad to report that I was not a judge because it would have been a close call between a few of the older students; those five year olds are exceedingly patriotic.

Then Jonah and his classmates shared with all that were in attendance the lessons they learned through song and interpretive dance, watch out Dancing with the Stars these kids are going to put you out of business. They rocked us out with the ABC’s and if you were unaware the wheels on the bus still go round and round and the baby has not stopped crying since Joshua sang the song 2 years ago. They also shared a song about some monkeys that couldn’t comprehend that the alligator was going to have them for dinner. Then they shared My Mother is a Baker which Jonah has been making up new versions to for the last few weeks so we were glad to see the final version.

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1 Response to Preschool Graduation

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Jonah – congrautulations on your graduation. You did a great job with the motions to that song. You can sing it to me in person when you come to Pop Pop and Nene’s house.

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