Immunizations Day

Shot timeAlthough this is not an official holiday yet, we were able to get Joshua out of school 2 hours early to celebrate our plans to head overseas. We had to go to the Jackson County Health Department to get our immunizations before going overseas since that’s the only place in the metro to get some of these immunizations.

When we picked up Joshua he asked, where are we going? We answered Independence

Half way there he asked, what are we going to do there? We answered we are going to the Health Department.

A few minutes later he asked, why? We answered because we need to before we go away.

So after we were there and we were called back to our room Joshua and Jonah were doing a very good and after we determined with the nurse that we needed a total of 13 immunizations and 2 orals for the 4 of us she left the room to go get them.

As we waited Joshua realized that immunization meant shots and we were about to get some. His demeanor changed from pleasant to worry. We shared that Mommy and Daddy needed more and we would go first. As Daddy and Mommy went Joshua gave a play by play of what the nurse was doing and Jonah held our hands so it wouldn’t hurt. Both our boys got their shots with just a few tears, but they were short a few shots so we get to go back again in 30 days.

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1 Response to Immunizations Day

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Joshua and Jonah – I am proud of you for getting your shots. These will help you in Africa. Know that Pop Pop and Nene are praying for you.

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