Unwritten T-Ball Rules

Joshua's playing Third base

Tonight was the first night that Joshua was able to make to T-Ball practice and I noticed there are a few rules that  I heard the coaches repeat several times throughout the night. So in order to help I thought I would record the rules so they can be shared with any player that missed them tonight.

1. Don’t play kick the rocks in the gravel in the in field to see how much dust you can make

2. Don’t hit the coach with the bat when they are putting the ball on the t-ball stand (there was a close call but he had quicker reflexes then I do)

3. Don’t swing the bat while sitting on the bench, someone else might need the bat

4. Don’t forget to throw the ball to first base

5. Don’t forget to run after you hit the ball

6. Don’t run with the bat

7. Don’t run to get the ball in right field if you are playing third base

8. Don’t forget your glove when you go out to play outfield

9. Don’t forget this is fun

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2 Responses to Unwritten T-Ball Rules

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Good rules – and when you start running – keep running. The ball never seems to catch up with you.

  2. You are hysterical, David….you really have a knack for writing! Thanks for making me smile on such a dreary day! (or night, as it is now)

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