Sunday morning confession

Sunday morning starts off with a request from the four year old for breakfast and a fresh piece of blue tape all prior to the alarm going off.

After they have their breakfast and I’ve showered I sit down to drink my first cup of coffee, the best cup of the day, and read the paper.  I’m told that we “never” get to play games, and it was time to play Woody Monopoly. This is the junior version from Toy Story that takes almost as long as the regular version. So we played until a dice role knocked all the houses off the board.

Time to get the boys dressed for church and after we found an acceptable wardrobe that was not too hot and was soft enough and the buttons were not too hard to push and they could put it on all by themselves they were almost ready. But there was still time for someone to get hurt so they were able to hang upside down on the couch and fall and cry a few times before it was time to head out the door. I guess they thought that gravity only worked outside or when the front door was open.

Before going out the door we had a double meltdown since I was not allowing any toys for the ride to church, fifteen minutes is a long time to go without the bouncy ball and plastic dagger that are fun toys to throw when driving down the road, especially if you’re the driver and the name of the game is dodge ball.

In the car I’m told I have to go to jail for the horrific crime of not allowing toys in the car and the fact that they “never” get to play with their toys ever. It’s almost 9am and time to get to church.

I’m very thankful that we serve a Heavenly Father that sees beyond all our daily tantrums that we throw when we don’t think things are going our way. He is still there to walk with us and help us with the daily struggles of life.

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3 Responses to Sunday morning confession

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Sunday mornings are always a challenge. The enemy will try to do anything to distract us from the goal of spending time with our Heavenly Father. Hang in there!

  2. I love your Sunday morning confession entry. And the closing prayer. We are learning to trust God and His timing. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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