Jonah Singing Jesus Loves Me

I was working at the computer and Jonah was sitting beside me just singing his little heart out. He loves to make a joyful noise! Sometimes he makes up his own songs but I can never seem to capture those on video. He is wearing his signature “soft blue tape” and relaxing in the bean bad chair as he sings Jesus Loves Me. This is the most well known song Christian song in the world – Time to start learning it in French so I can upload that video also.

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5 Responses to Jonah Singing Jesus Loves Me

  1. nene says:

    Great job Jonah!

  2. Pop Pop says:

    Jonah – I can’t wait to have you sing to nene and me. Love to you all!

  3. Jill says:

    Great singing Jonah! We miss you.

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