Miniature Golf

Joshua running and JonahIt was a great afternoon and the boys had some excess energy that we needed to drain before nap time so we decided to take them miniature golfing. After reviewing some of the basics on how to hold the club and that you don’t swing it like a baseball bat the boys did very well. The only hole-in-one was achieved by Jonah. And we only had to hide behind the bushes once to take care of something that you can only take care of when you are outside on a golf course when you hide behind something like a tree or bush, if you’re not sure what that is don’t worry about it.

Now my concern is what happened to the free game you would get when you were able to do something impossible on the 19th hole. This particular course no longer has a special 19th hole to win a  free game but they do have a special ball return that reminded me of Plinko from the Price is Right.jonah

All the boys were able to sink their balls into the little cup and as we waited for a special prize we received a coupon for a buy-one round of golf get-one round of golf free, while this is nice the coupons are only good for 43 days.

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2 Responses to Miniature Golf

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Way to go Joshua. Pop pop will make a golfer out of you yet!

  2. nene says:

    Jonah you and I will go golfing when you come home Pop pop and Josh can go mommy and daddy can be partners. We Will win!

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