Public Restrooms

Now that Jonah is a big boy, see the Bendaroos post in case you missed this journey into the next level of childhood, he is now one of the elite who is privileged to stand in public restrooms to find relief at the special invention called a urinal. I’m not sure why this seemed so special to him because he has been in many public restrooms over the years but today’s visit was special. As he stood there staring down at the plastic guard over the blue urinal cake, this is a special invention that makes tinkle smell good, he spotted something special.

Urinal with Cake

Urinal with Cake

It was a piece of gum.

He continued to ask the following questions, as he reached for it.

Is that gum? Can I have it? Why is it there? Does it go down with the tinkle? Whose gum is it? How did it get there? Why can’t I touch it? Can I tinkle on it?

You never know when you are going to learn another lesson in life, but one thing is for sure if it’s in the urinal it is always fair game to tinkle on.

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