Emergency Room Visit


As we were walking into Awana tonight and Joshua was practicing his Bible verse “God created the heavens and the earth,” and then man created the sidewalk with neatly edged grass. [Italics were not part of his verse but were part of the accident] Somehow he got his arm tangled in his Sparks vest as he was sucking his fingers and looking around behind him. Before we knew what happened he had dove head first into the sidewalk.

Upon first examination it looked like he had knocked out his two front teeth and had bitten down to the bone of his finger since he was sucking on them when he hit the sidewalk.  Thankfully we were less than 200 yards from the nearest emergency room and a screaming child seems to get you moved to the front of the line when they are bleeding from the mouth. After a few minutes the doctor had pulled his tooth back inline (or at least a little bit more inline) and he had stopped crying. But since he bit so hard on his finger he gets to have a dose of penicillin to make sure he doesn’t give himself cooties.

We are blessed that he is doing OK and he is looking forward to a diet of ice cream and ice cream. He doesn’t really eat soup and we couldn’t think of any other soft food that he would like.

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4 Responses to Emergency Room Visit

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Tell dad & mom that pudding and jello would also be good. I know you will be feeling better in no time. Nene & I love you all.

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  3. Junior Frosties are my choice when I can’t eat solids!!! Go Wendy’s!

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