Wiffle Ball

Today was the official wiffle ball game of the Red’s (Boston) vs the Blue’s(Kansas City) at Noah’s 9th Birthday party. With the teams random selection there was no crying when the teams were divided up but it seemed that more ended up on the red team prior to making it to the field. I think this might have something to do with the number of Boston fans at the party.

It was extra windy which kept the kids and the dads running for a ball that had a mind of its own. After 5 innings the there was a tied game so everyone decided it would be more fun to go get some food to eat. It’s always good to end a game with 4-9 year olds with a tied game. I think the USPPBA (United States Perforated Plastic Baseball Association yes this is really an organization) would not be happy that we didn’t follow the rules for a tie game, but we were just having fun.

Blue is up to bat

Blue is up to bat

Rules for those who don’t believe wiffle ball really has rules: http://www.wiffleball.net/rules/main.htm

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