Fun at Toys-R-Us

So what do you do when you are 4 years old and have $25 to spend on whatever you want at the super toy store? I’ll try to list all the toys that were picked up before settling on the final selection:

• Super Bubble blower $4.99
• Diego Bubble blower $8.99
• Fishing pole with  fake fish to catch $19.99
• Every lollipop within reach – .99 – $4.99
• 4 different Lego cars – $5.99 each
• Sponge Bob Lego set – $13.99 @ 20% off
• Set of 5 Lego guys – $4.99
• Bendaroos – $9.99
• Go Diego Go Watch – $9.99
• Thomas The Train magnetic train set $7.99
• Thomas the Train Round House $49.99
• Mickey Mouse book with plush Mickey $19.99
• Sponge Bob Play-Doh kit – $9.99
• Super Hero’s Valentines – $0.10

And this was all in the first 3 aisles, he wasn’t even able to make it to the hot wheels section of the store, but you only get to be 4 once so he went with the Go Diego Go Watch, Sponge Bob Play-Doh set, special lollipop and the Super Hero’s Valentines. This will probably be the last time for a long time that we will get to have such a selection of toys so we let him have fun selecting.

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