Wiggly Visa Process

This was worse than Y2K and SQL slammer combined and today all computers stopped working. April Fools.
Thankfully the Campus French computer administrators were proactive the other day when their web site was offline and I can only assume that they were protecting their site from the sky is falling conficker worm that is going to take control of everything according to CNN – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhvEtddQE_c. In case you haven’t protected your computer from this worm it’s not too late since it’s not very wide spread in the United States there are several sites out there if you just google conficker+removal.
We were able to get our information submitted and now we are moving onto the next step of sending our acceptance letter and a money order to have the information processed.
Yesterday I did check my computers to make sure I didn’t have any of the symptoms associated with the conficker worm and that I had the required Microsoft MS08-067 installed.
Time to go play with Play-Dough, I think it’s turning into the conficker worm though and taking over my laptop…

New version of the conficker worm

New version of the conficker worm

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