Visa Work and Hot Wheels

I wonder why government organizations are so interested in gathering so much information.  What do they really do with it all? I think back to all the information that I collected over my years as a federal employee and I wonder where it all went. Today my first work day as a nonfederal employee was spent providing the French with all of the classes that I took in high school and college and the grade I received at least until the web site went down, I guess they need some IT help too. But I’m sure there is a link between the B I got in Zoology in 9th grade and how well I will be able to learn what a le chat (cat) and le chien (dog) are.
So what does Visa Work have to do with Hot Wheels? Noting really but l took a picture of the line of cars we had in between typing in the classes, one car for each class and I thought the green cars were a good grades and the yellow cars were OK grades and the red cars were the grades I didn’t think I would ever need to look at again. I’m glad that I had more green cars then red cars.

Line of Cars

Line of Cars

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