Hello World

I’ve finally started the blog.  The name truly shows that I’m just a big geek at heart, the guys at work (old work) helped me come up with the name when I told them that I was getting ready to start blogging. So for those who didn’t get the D squared plus J squared = Anderson, our names our David, DeAnna, Joshua and Jonah and together we equal the Anderson Family and I thought it sounded catchy to have the name of the blog to be a mathematical equation. So what am I doing just playing on the computer? No I’m working on improving our communication as we move forward with Wycliffe with those people who have a vested and concerned interest in what we are doing. I hope that my blogs help keep everyone up to speed with the daily blessings and struggles that we face as we follow God’s call on our life.

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3 Responses to Hello World

  1. Rene' Russell says:


    I immediately “caught on” to the name of your blog and I think it is very clever. I have read all your blogs so far. I commented on the turkey story. I just want you to know that I enjoy your witty writing and all the cute stuff your boys do! It was good to see you & DeAnna’s faces last Sunday (in person). I’m glad you’ll be around for a few weeks, and will keep your family in my heart & prayers.


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