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Clothing Blues

You may remember when I rapped about our guard – the Fresh Prince. I’m at it again, only this time it’s to the tune of Babysitting Blues from Adventures in Babysitting. I don’t know how to articulate music sounds, so … Continue reading

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Soon after we arrived to Cameroon in 2010, Jonah didn’t want to keep shoes on his feet. I noticed that the majority of the MK’s (Missionary Kids) were running around barefoot. Jonah liked this idea. I also noticed that MK’s … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

As we look back on 2013 and give thanks for all that God has done we wanted to recap a few of the stories that we shared, in case you didn’t read all 120 stories that were posted in 2013. … Continue reading

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We went to a wedding the last day of November.  While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin we were looking around and found the paintings at the front of the church interesting.  Below are the questions that either … Continue reading

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Shoes Optional

Today during student pick-up at the school where Joshua attends, another parent was waiting beside me on the bench.  He’s Korean and he usually asks me (DeAnna) USA cultural questions.  I think he asks because the majority of the curriculum … Continue reading

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I (DeAnna) teach Sunday School and I like to start with singing.  Usually during the week preparing for Sunday School, I listen to children’s worship music to give me ideas of what songs will go well with the lesson.  One … Continue reading

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We walk many miles in a day to and from schools and stores.  Joshua likes to run ahead of us because everything in his mind is a race and he wants to win.  We noticed his heels and legs were … Continue reading

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