I (DeAnna) teach Sunday School and I like to start with singing.  Usually during the week preparing for Sunday School, I listen to children’s worship music to give me ideas of what songs will go well with the lesson.  One of the songs we have is titled “I Got Shoes.”  The lyrics of this song says that all God’s children got shoes.  It’s actually singing about putting on these shoes to walk all over Heaven.  At first it struck me because I see so many of God’s children who don’t have shoes.  Although the song is referring to Heaven, it hit me for the present here on Earth.

Sophie is very dear to our family.  She has big, wide feet, size 12W in US sizing.  She usually crams her feet into shoes that are many sizes too small, making it quite uncomfortable for her.  She shared that if she wants shoes that fit, she needs to buy men’s shoes or flip flops.  Like most women, she would like to have some shoes that are feminine and dressier for church or other places.

I was so excited to be able to present her with three pairs of shoes.  She was so excited that she grabbed me and started kissing me.  She tried them all on in front of me to model her new shoes.  She did a little dance and raised her arms in the air while thanking God for shoes that fit.  It brought tears to my eyes.


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4 Responses to Shoes

  1. Pop-pop says:

    The things we take for granted are myriad – like going into a shoe store to purchase almost any type in any size. Thank you for the continual reminders of our blessings. And thank you for helping someone else understand how special they are – to you and to God.

  2. Denise says:

    What a blessing for Sophie and a reflection of your love for her. We can’t imagine a life without shoes.

  3. Lisa says:

    so glad Sophie gets to experience your friendship. It’s the best gift because you are an amazing friend!

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