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The Laundry Dance

Warning:  this blog contains references to television, radio and movies from the late 1980’s – early 1990’s. Those of you who know me (DeAnna) well, will know that I like music and know many songs from different genre’s, however, my … Continue reading

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Creation Flashback

We’ve all heard sayings like, “Take time to stop and smell the roses.” I remember in a Beth Moore Bible study when she talked about saying something like, “Look at the beautiful sky God painted for us,” to point out … Continue reading

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It’s raining…..

I need to preface this post.  About three months ago Jonah was running down to the gate with David’s keys in hand, pumping his arms and oops the keys slipped from his hand and into the big bushes that line … Continue reading

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Parched Land

There are two seasons in Cameroon; dry and rainy.  Although we are about 300 km north of the equator, we have opposite temperatures than the states David and I grew up in.  So that means Christmas is hot and dry … Continue reading

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I know I’ve blogged several times about the rain here.  The rain just amazes me because it can rain so hard and fast, a true downpour.  Jonah and I (DeAnna) were at a center about a 5 minutes walk from … Continue reading

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Water Fun

Last Saturday at RFIS (Rain Forest International School) the 9th grade class was doing a fund raiser for their class functions. The fund raiser required children to pay 1000 CFA ($2) to enter the fun, first they soap themselves up … Continue reading

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Rain Gauge

I know you have read and heard me go on and on about the rain here.  I’m still amazed by the sheer power of the rain.  You can hear the rain pouring down afar several minutes before it reaches you.  … Continue reading

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