Parched Land

There are two seasons in Cameroon; dry and rainy.  Although we are about 300 km north of the equator, we have opposite temperatures than the states David and I grew up in.  So that means Christmas is hot and dry and summertime is wet and cooler.

The biggest dry season begins in November and lasts until February.  This year the dry season started a bit later (around mid December).  During dry season many things happen.  Not only is it dry with the dirt becomes as hard as cement, but it’s also the time of harmattan – when the winds blow across the Sahara Desert and brings the dust to us.  So everything gets covered daily with thick dust.  We must cover our appliances to keep the dust from ruining them.  The positive side to dry season is our clothes dry very quickly when hung out on the clothesline and it’s a great time to enjoy swimming.

During PE class on January 27th dark clouds started rolling in.  It looked like rain clouds, but one can’t be too hopeful.  The boys and I walked home and I decided to start taking down the dry clothes hanging on the line.  I heard a rain drop hit the roof, but didn’t feel any rain.  In my head I thought maybe the rain drops were evaporating in the hot weather.  Then I heard another and another until I saw a marking on the cement where a rain drop hit.  Sure enough, rain was falling.  Although the picture doesn’t do justice to what I was seeing with my eyes, every time a rain drop hit the ground a little puff of dirt flew up and the end result was a little mud dot.

parched ground


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2 Responses to Parched Land

  1. Pop-pop says:

    So while we are struggling with snow drifts you are shoveling dust piles?

  2. Denise DesCombes says:

    Wow, something new to share everyday! Can’t even wrap my head around it all!

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