#WhyBible – guide book for life


I (DeAnna) grew up in a Christian home.  We attended church, my Mom was a Sunday School teacher, my Dad was a deacon, we had devotions in the home, we attended every VBS, we prayed and we relied on the Lord.  I can’t remember a time in my life without the Bible being foundational.  I do remember when all I wanted for my 12th birthday was a new Bible.  I had heard my Mom say time and time again, “The Bible is your guide book for life.”  That’s what she wrote in the Bible I received on my 12th birthday.  That statement is so true.


My life hasn’t been an easy life without troubles, without peaks & valleys, without pain & suffering, but I can’t imagine going through life without my guide book for life and without my guide (the Lord) for life.  There isn’t any new trouble or challenge, the Bible shares of people who faced the same troubles and challenges – the environment may be different, but the actual root of the struggle is the same.

Last year we were blessed with a trip to the YMCA camp in Estes Park, CO.  We were surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and there were so many opportunities to climb, hike, raft, etc…  As a family we hiked and rafted.  Before we set out on the hike, we looked at the trail map so we would know which trail to follow in order to reach the top.  Before we were allowed to start down the river in a raft we had to have dry lessons on paddling signals, listening to our river guide and doing what he said when he said it.  That’s the same with the Bible.  The only way I can know the path before me is by spending time studying my guide book (the Bible).  The only way I can maneuver the winding path is by spending time with my guide (the Lord).

rafting 1

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    For those of us who have grown up in a home with Christian parents, we must ever be on our guard not to take the Bible for granted. Praise God your mother reminded you that it is your “guide through life”, not just in the good times, but in all times. As you continue to follow the guide, be encouraged that the author of that “guide” is with you all the way.

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