I (DeAnna) spent one week in Orlando for a meeting in help to understand my future role better.  It was the first time I left the boys and David had the boys by himself for more than a few hours.  They did better than I did – I was homesick, however, they plugged along well.

The time in Orlando was great in helping me understand and see how all the departmental puzzle pieces fit together and how I can help new members navigate the waters.  It helped me to understand more clearly how vital my role will be.  There are roughly 50 people who are working within Wycliffe as either a Launch Coordinator (that’s what I’ll be doing – helping new members launch into their Wycliffe ministries) or a Resource Coordinator (helping those returning to the US after being overseas).  These 50 people serve 2,078 people.  The role is an HR role and think about if you worked for a company and there wasn’t an HR department to orient you, help you understand the structure of the company, help you fill out forms, etc… and my role will extend to helping people prepare for leaving their life as they know it in the USA and live and work abroad – packing, visa’s, emotional support, culture shock, etc…

Please join us in prayer that our partners in ministry * will increase and we’ll be able to begin our new vital roles ASAP.

* people who are committed to prayer and/or send a tax deductible monthly, quarterly or annual donation to Wycliffe to financially support us

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3 Responses to Orlando

  1. Pop-pop says:

    In spite of missing the boys (all 3) I’m glad the experience was a positve one for you. We continue to pray that God will raise up partners for you. And, we pray that you will be one of the sources of support people need. G

  2. Tracy Pickett says:

    What a fantastic role for you! >

  3. MawMaw says:

    You are a natural fit for the volunteer role you’ll be filling as Launch Coordinator. I’m sure you’ve been an unofficial Launch Coordinator for many missionaries since the Anderson launch in 2009, and I’m certain there are many, many missionaries who can attest, with gratitude, about your guidance to them in your unofficial role as Resources Coordinator/Natural Leader/Prayer Warrior/Home Economics 101 Missionary Woman Abroad Teacher/Julia Childs-Martha Stewart Baker, Chef, Craftswoman/Children’s Parties Chief Extraordinaire/Financial Planner to Banana Chip Saleswomen/Cake Baker to Children with Cancer…let’s see, the list is only a start! Love you!

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