100 Days Campaign Update

On January 1st we began a 100% in 100 Days Campaign.  What does this mean?  We cannot begin training for our new USA based roles within Wycliffe until our financial ministry budget is 100%.  We are currently at 64%.   The goal is to reach 100% of our financial ministry budget by April 9, 2016.  DeAnna’s immediate supervisor will be leaving the USA and really needs DeAnna up and running by May.  David’s immediate supervisor really needs David to be in Orlando for training at the end of April.  However, we can only do our part and the Lord will do His part.

What are we doing – what do we mean by doing our part?  In preparation for the start of the 100 days campaign, we prayed about and asked for a small group of people to pray intentionally during the 100 days campaign.  We committed the month of December to prayer specifically for the upcoming campaign.  We also prayed about and identified four groups – those who have graciously given us random financial gifts over the years, those who used to be part of our financial partnership team but stopped, those who have received our newsletter for the past seven years yet haven’t partnered with us through prayer or finances and those who don’t receive our newsletter yet who came to mind.  The second week of December we sent letters to those who have given randomly over the years and those who used to partner with us, but stopped.

The first week in January, we made phone calls to those we sent letters to.  Some were encouraging and some were discouraging.  David had the privilege to meet one-on-one with eight people and DeAnna’s had the privilege to meet one-on-one with two people.

The first week of February, we mailed letters to those who live in locations other than Missouri and have made phone calls to ask to meet one-on-one with those we can meet with.  David will be speaking at Elizabethtown Church of God and Bowmansdale Church of God, plus having the privilege to meet one-on-one with people from Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Our focus in March will be those who’ve received our newsletter and those who haven’t in Missouri.

We would appreciate your prayers over this intense campaign.  We are so encouraged that we have peace and know we are only called to be obedient and do our part – the Lord does the rest.

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1 Response to 100 Days Campaign Update

  1. Pop-pop says:

    We are still praying. God is big enough – and we are trusting Him to provide in many and various ways.

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