How Are We Paid?

We’ve been asked many times when are we going to begin our new roles within Wycliffe.  We explain we cannot even begin training for our new roles until we are at 100% of our financial budget set by Wycliffe.  That usually leads into a conversation about this confusing 100% of a financial budget we speak of.  We’ve tried to explain how we are paid and how we’re completely dependent on what is received by Wycliffe on our behalf each month.  Hopefully this helps explain how it works.

Let’s say $4,000 is sent into Wycliffe earmarked for us for the month of February.

The next deduction is mandatory medical insurance (-$945) & Vision insurance (-$25).

Since we are considered for tax purposes self-employed clergy, we must pay all Federal and State taxes (-$467.42/ federal & -$120/state & -$12/worker’s comp).

Ten percent is automatically deducted for administration by Wycliffe (-$400).

Mandatory retirement is the next deduction (-$348).

Life insurance premium (-$22).

Credit card fees for processing any gifts via credit card, this fluctuates, however, on average it’s (-$5).

The take-home amount for the month would be $1,655.58.

As you can imagine, our ministry budget is higher than $4,000 a month.  That’s why we are in the midst of the 100 days campaign.  When someone who has pledged to give $20/month stops or forgets, you can see the ripple effect. We do not receive a fixed salary, we receive only what is sent into Wycliffe on our behalf. Some months are very lean and others aren’t.  We hope this helps you understand the funding model and how it works.

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4 Responses to How Are We Paid?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    We continue to pray that your 100% will be realized soon in order for you to be able to obtain the training and continue your work for the Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. Tracy Pickett says:

    I love how you spelled this out!! It’s very helpful, eye-opening, and I’d like to share this information, if I may, with our new missions committee that I’m chairing. They have a lot to learn about the needs of missionaries. Tracy >

  3. MawMaw says:

    Your description was very helpful in understanding the funding challenge your family is undergoing and the net effect available for the four of you to live on after taxes and other deductions.

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