Real MK’s

Our boys have been struggling with their transition from Cameroon to Missouri.  Jonah had more birthdays overseas than in the USA.  They have left what is “home” for them, they have left the only friends they know and entered a completely different world.  So often MK’s (Missionary’s Kids) have a lot of pressure put on them.  If you are familiar with the acronym MK, you’ll know it usually stands for Missionary Kids, however, I say Missionary’s Kids to help relieve some of the pressure put on them.  I would like to share things about MK’s.

1. MK’s are kids!  They’ll act like kids, fight like kids, reason like kids, misbehave like all kids and make bad choices like all of us do.

2. MK’s have lives full of transition.  They say goodbye more than most people will in their whole lives.  They have to say goodbye time and time again as they navigate a life full of major transitions – moving from continent to continent, purging items every three years so their possessions can fit into two suitcases, changing homes, not being with family for holidays, occasions, funerals, etc…

3. MK’s have been molded by their experiences.  They have experienced things most people will never experience.  They have a lot to share and like opportunities to share.

I could go on and on.  Since we’ve returned, our boys have fought more than ever before, have had bouts of anger towards us for leaving what they know as home and have been overwhelmed by raw emotion they can’t put into words.

I know when our boys were younger it seemed like they could be perfectly content until I got on the phone.  It seemed as soon as I got on the phone they would fall apart.  Well, the same thing seems to happen now when we go and speak at churches.  We were speaking at Swatara when Jonah decided he wanted to take a picture of us.  We thought it was sweet he wanted to take a picture of us sharing.  Well, he decided to make it a time of entertaining himself while we bored him with what we were sharing.  He didn’t take just one or two pictures, but 80!  Many of which were of him making faces.  He took pictures from under the pew, he took pictures of slanted selfies, he took pictures of the power point pictures being shared, of the ceiling, of the floor, of shoes, etc…  Joshua got in on the action by giving Jonah ideas of what to take pictures of next.

IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4368

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4 Responses to Real MK’s

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Boys will be boys 🙂 Like you said – they are still kids. And they will keep on doing great (and keep on fighting, and keep on being boys) We continue to pray for your transition time.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love it! Thanks for the funny reminder that they still need prayers for their many adjustments.

  3. Thanks for posting some of the interesting pictures :-)!

  4. Jim Koltveit says:

    Cute pictures, but I’ll bet they didn’t seem all that cute at the time.

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