We have been and are in transition. Transition is the process of changing from one state or condition to another. Transition isn’t easy! We’ve received a lot of questions about our transition, so I thought I would share some the top questions with answers.

1. Aren’t you glad to be home? Yes, we’re glad to be reunited with family and friends. We’re thankful for conveniences and comforts, however, the USA doesn’t feel like home anymore. Cameroon also never felt like home. We now understand what it is to be a Third Culture Person – we don’t fully fit into our passport country or host country, but are now a mixture of the two, creating a third culture.

2. What’s been your favorite thing since you returned? Our favorite thing is being able to see and spend time with family and friends.

3. What’s been the most difficult thing since you returned? The most difficult thing has been listening to first world problems. We don’t mean this bad, it’s just the last five years we’ve lived in a third world country where a good day means you have running water, electricity and working 1 mb internet.

4. What’s different about here compared to there? Well in one word – EVERYTHING!

5. Are you adjusted and settled? Not yet.  Adjustment is a process and we didn’t adjust to life in Cameroon quickly, but over a process and it’s the same with returning to the USA.  There is a cultural stress/adjustment bell curve and it’s a year long curve.

There have been many more questions, but I’ll stop at five.

We are happy to answer any questions you have for us. We also love to talk about Cameroon – it’s part of who we are now and where we have lived the past five years.

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2 Responses to Transition

  1. Denise DesCombes says:

    Well said, thank you for sharing. It’s easy for us to think “yeah, you’re home” and forget about the struggles you all deal with in transition. Love you all and I am so grateful you are here!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    We continue to pray as you make this transition. We are especially praying for the boys as they begin school. May God’s grace continue to flow in you and through you.

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