Interesting Tropical Fruit

As I’ve posted before, we get to experience all kinds of tropical fruit.  Although we like tropical fruit, we do crave berries, cantaloupe, nectarines, grapes and peaches that we can’t get in a tropical environment.

There was a fruit that we noticed out and about, but didn’t know what it was.  Jonah ate this fruit at a friend’s house.  His friend’s family used to serve in the Philippines and were familiar with this little red spiky fruit.  I asked Sophie if she knew this fruit and she said no.  She said she asked a man selling it what it was called and he said he didn’t know what it’s called.  The fruit is called rambutan.  We purchased some rambutan (16 for about $1).  The outside is a fun red with soft spiky looking hairs and the inside is white and is like a very firm grape flesh.



inside rambutan

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3 Responses to Interesting Tropical Fruit

  1. Pop-pop says:

    It looks interesting. Does it taste like grape?

  2. Janet Ziegelbaur says:

    I think they’ve sold these at the “mon amie” market for a while. Our friends brought them from Malasia or somewhere to plant in CAR and probably Congo. We may even have a tree or 2 planted at RFIS.

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