I grew up in a small town with little entertainment options. I remember some highlights growing up were the Leeton Fair. We would ride our bikes to watch the fair workers (carnies) set up the rides and couldn’t wait for the rides to open. I also remember getting excited about the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) annual carnival at the school. One of my favorite carnival activities was the cake walk.

Fast Forward almost 30 years to the present time and guess what – we live where there is a carnival similar to the carnival I grew up with. There is an annual carnival here put on by the Middle and High School students at RFIS. The boys knew the carnival was coming. They couldn’t wait until it opened at 2 p.m. All they could think about was the carnival. The first thing Joshua wanted to do was the cake walk. He participated in the cake walk four times and sadly, didn’t win a cake. And yes, I joined him on the cake walk, and no cake. Jonah found a new activity this year that captured his attention – hunting for candy filled plastic eggs. There was a competition that whoever found the most candy would win a grand prize of glow sticks. Jonah was determined to be the grand prize winner. He did win the prize! Other activities they enjoyed were: zip line, funnel cakes, kettle corn, soap soccer and more. You may be asking yourself, “What is soap soccer?” Soap soccer is a tarp laid on the ground with powdered soap (laundry detergent) sprinkled on the tarp and then the tarp is watered. There are goals at each end and the kids play with a soccer ball on the tarp. Both boys loved it!

Joshua cake walkJonah on the huntJoshua soap soccerJonah soap soccer

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    The soap soccer looks great. Sometimes the simplest things in life provide the most joy.

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