David and I coordinated for the fourth year running, the annual CAM Car Race on April 19th. It’s a pinewood derby race that happens every April as part of the Joint Learning Session.  It’s a fun event with laughter, a few tears and many smiles.

2014 CAM Car RaceDuring the week, people have access to the construction and maintenance departments saws and tools for a couple of hours daily to transform a small block of wood into a racing vessel.

Joshua had a humvee vehicle named Blaster and Jonah had a dragster named Flames.  Flames was firing on all cylinders and literally flew off the track losing a tire and its weights.  Blaster held his own, but didn’t make it into the top ten.  We are proud of both of them.

Joshua with BlasterJonah with Flames


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3 Responses to Racing

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Very cool cars boys. It reminds me of your dad’s scout days and his own derby car Glad you had a good time.

  2. Barbara says:

    You both did a wonderful job making two great looking cars. It sounds as if everyone had a fun day. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  3. MawMaw says:

    To Joshua and Jonah: good looking cars!

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