Helicopter Ride

The aviation department teamed up with one of the RFIS classes to have a fundraiser of helicopter rides.  There is an aviation department in our organization to serve the missionaries who live in remote settings.  The helicopter is normally in the NW region, not in Yaoundé, but the pilots decided to bring it down and share the fun with everyone.

We signed up, prepaid the fee and waited eagerly for our turn to ride in the helicopter.  This was the first time any of us rode in a helicopter.  Jonah loved it!  He wanted to go again (like it was an amusement park ride).  Joshua loved it too!  David and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The ride was six minutes long over part of Yaoundé.

Jonah helicopter ride DeAnna helicopter ride Joshua helicopter ride David helicopter ride

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5 Responses to Helicopter Ride

  1. Pop-pop says:

    How cool. That certainly gave you a different look at the city where you live.

  2. Laura says:

    How fun! Happy Easter Andersens! We miss you!

  3. mcwissel says:

    David, you look like an IT Soldier of Fortune: Chopper in the background, camo pants, black shirt, confident stride (I see it in slo-mo) and of course your smart phone in your right hand. Enemy IT forces are shaking in their boots (or maybe in their black socks and sandals).

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