The human body is approximately 60% water.  We need water for our organs to function properly.  We also use water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc…

Our first term in Cameroon we lived on a compound with 22 other family units.  There was a communal laundry room with a red light on the outside.  When we arrived the light would automatically illumine to alert all the residents that the city water was turned off and the compound was now using the stored water, so no laundry or washing cars in an effort to conserve water.  After we returned in 2012, we moved into a free standing home in the neighborhood.  We feel very blessed and fortunate that the family who lived here before us constructed a château (a holding tank like a water tower).  Our château holds a little more than 900 liters of water.  There are pipes attached to it so when the city water is turned off, we can turn a lever at the base so the château water will flow into the pipes supplying our sinks, showers and one toilet.  This is wonderful!  Although the flow is quite slow, it’s so nice to have this system in place.  On average city water is turned off about twice a week, so we use our château about twice a week.  When the city water returns, we turn the other lever to refill the château.  It’s great!

chateauchateau levers

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2 Responses to Water

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Wow – your very own water tower. So glad you are able to have it.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing these snippets into your life in Cameroon. Daily, they keep my “grateful” list in check 🙂

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