Geography Buff

Joshua’s been fond of maps and geography for quite some time.  While we lived in France, he memorized the RER and Metro map (the commuter train and subway type train) and could tell us if we exited the train at stop B we could hop on the 5 or the 7, etc…  He could just see it in his mind.

He’s continued with his interest in maps and will study atlases and maps for fun.  He loves to quiz us on locations and country flags.  We bought and shipped over a game called Geo Dice for one of his Christmas presents.  He loves it.  You roll the first set of dice to know what two continents are the focus and then roll the other five letter dice.  The goal is to list as many countries or capitals on those continents that start with the letters rolled.  He has memorized the country names and capitals, so he beats us every time.

During the Joint Learning Session he made a raised relief map of the USA as part of his school work out of homemade play doh.  This assignment was right up his alley.

raised relief map

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2 Responses to Geography Buff

  1. Pop-pop says:

    That is so cool. Joshua – I’m with you on the maps. I love reading them. And what a great project! I am so proud of you.

  2. Shirley-- says:

    Your are right, Joshua,–maps are fascinating! I always enjoy the challenge of seeing where the maps will take me. These GPSs that talk to you are great, but they take some of the challenge out of it.

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