Pen Pals

Joshua and Jonah are going to be in a pen pal relationship with some children from the UK.  Part of the classroom work during the Joint Learning Session the boys just finished is letter writing.  Both boys wrote great letters.  Joshua’s was a persuasive letter as to why a miniature golf course is needed in Yaoundé.  Jonah’s letter was to a pen pal.  We can’t post Joshua’s because we don’t want any political ramifications.  Jonah’s rough draft is below.  It made me (DeAnna) smile, laugh and cry.

Jonah pen pal ltrTranslation:

Dear _____

My name is Jonah.  Do you like ice cream?  Have you rode a bike?  Do you like school, I do?  Do you like swimming?  Do you like to have snacks?  I broke my fingers and one of them were cut off and the other one does not bend.  Have you rode a horse, I have?  They have a lot of dirt roads. (meaning here)  Our house is in a place called Yaoundé.  The zoo has a monkey cage.  Once we went to a place and the monkeys threw poop at my mom.

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2 Responses to Pen Pals

  1. Barbara says:

    Jonah, I liked your pen pal letter. I really laughed about he monkey. It reminded me of the time I took my grandchildren to an animal expo. We saw a magnificent tiger there. The girls wanted a closer look, so they went as close to the cage as the roped off area allowed. Just as they reached the front of the viewing area, the tiger turned around and sprayed urine into the crowd. Boy, did that crowd go into reverse in a hurry.
    Thanks for sharing your letter, and have fun at school, today!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    What a great letter – kids are absolutely so honest. I’m with Joshua regarding the mini golf course.

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