Being Ornery

While driving past a school that advertised on its building that it teaches proper Anglo-Saxon English and proper French, we couldn’t help but have a chuckle from the quote painted on the building.  We couldn’t stop creating jokes back and forth.  Share with us what comes to your mind as you read the quote.


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6 Responses to Being Ornery

  1. Denise says:


  2. Barbara says:

    Lots of over-weight politicians that don’t live in D.C. 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Good stuff. Here is the message again but with the subtitle I think it is missing.

    Building All Round Leaders of Tomorrow:
    Bacon and Doughnuts Served Every Day

  4. All round…no matter how you start out, you’ll be round after comin’ here! No “squares” here. Tee-hee.

  5. Lisa says:

    All Round Leaders…because square ones are like, so lame!

  6. Shirlehy says:

    I guess they want fat leaders!

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