Shoe Shopping

Joshua and Jonah are both growing at a rapid rate.  Their feet have grown so fast that the shoes I packed six months ago before leaving the USA for them to grow into have already been grown out of.

Now we are at an age where Joshua is so hard on shoes that they are falling apart when he’s outgrown them and can’t hand them down to Jonah.  Here the majority of the time the boys wear baboush, slip on foam sandals.  These shoes are widely available.  Poor Joshua has been walking around for two weeks wearing sandals that have a hole in the sole in both shoes.  He does wear his sneakers (thanks to Aunt Denise and Peg Seitz) when he has sports.

We normally buy the shoes from the man who pushes a cart full of them up and down the street, however, when we’ve caught up to him he hasn’t had the sizes needed for the boys or the size that fits is pink (note: most Cameroonians will wear whatever fits regardless of color or style) so the man couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t purchase pink sandals for Joshua when they fit.  After talking with Sophie about other places to buy the sandals, we went on a mission as a family to find proper fitting shoes.  After trying on many sandals and having much assistance, we walked away with five pairs (two that fit now for Joshua and one pair to grow into and one pair for Jonah now and one pair for him to grow into).

shoe shopping pic

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2 Responses to Shoe Shopping

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Pink probably wouldn’t be my color either! Glad you found some that fit for now and the future.

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