Sunflower Seeds

As I’ve written before, there are times we just crave snack food.  The boys continually ask for Goldfish crackers and I have found a recipe that I can make to help satisfy that craving – they are time intensive and only last about one day (Goldfish crackers sent to us are very welcomed).  I’ve made Wheat Thin crackers and they are time intensive too.  One of the doctor’s I saw when we were in the USA this past summer advised me to eat more foods containing selenium for extra thyroid support.  She’s from Ghana originally and shared that the diet in our region can make it hard to get the nutrients needed.  As I researched the foods containing selenium, I soon discovered I can’t get the majority of them here.  One of the items are sunflower seeds.  I was quite excited when I found a bag of imported sunflower seeds at a grocery store here.  It was in the pet food aisle and the package said for birds, but I thought isn’t a sunflower seed a sunflower seed, plus wheat bran here is sold packaged for livestock food and I buy that and eat it.  After opening the bag and starting to dig in, it soon dawned on me why they are packaged as bird food.  They are small, stale, limp and there is all kinds of extras (rocks, sticks, bugs) to sort out.  Now the extras don’t bother me too much because I have to sort the same things out of dry beans I buy or raw peanuts I buy.  Now, I’m going to try roasting the sunflower seeds after the sorting to see if that helps.  If it doesn’t I guess I have to feed them to the birds, however, they were expensive and I don’t like to waste money.


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  1. Pop-pop says:

    Well if you can’t eat the sunflower seeds, at least the birds will be happy. I am thankful you are always on the lookout for ways to be creative.

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