Power On/Off

We are used to having electricity cuts (the average is about 24 hours without electricity a week), however, February was anything but average.  During the month of February we didn’t have a full 24 hours with electricity for the month.  It started with 12 hour cuts and some days 7 hours before there was a pattern of 3 hours daily established.  April was a month full of 24+ hours at a time power cuts due to a problem with a transformer for our neighborhood section.  Some people like power cuts, however, we appreciate electricity and appreciate refrigeration.  Although power cuts aren’t always welcome, we can experience things we wouldn’t otherwise.  Below is a list of the things we wouldn’t experience otherwise.

The moon and stars shine extra bright when there aren’t any lights to compete with.

Our neighbors stay outside on their porch singing.

We are ready for bed at an earlier hour.

We play silly games of storytelling or asking silly questions to one another, for example, would you rather have duck feet or antlers on your head and why?

We can appreciate the times when we have electricity and the hot water heater works.

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1 Response to Power On/Off

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Going without things which we take for granted (like electricity) is a real challenge. I like the way you deal with it. We live in a generation that has trouble appreciating the simple things (myself included). In the meantime, we will pray that you have more and better electricity – especially so you can take a hot shower 🙂

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