One more question

If you have spent any time alone with our children you soon realize that they like to ask questions. They are naturally inquisitive young men. Yesterday Jonah and I went to his LAST appointment at Children’s Mercy. I thought I would share with you some of the questions he asked me, I didn’t have all the answers but that didn’t stop him from asking questions.

Did you see the person who made my first cast?

Did you see that person who said I could kick her if it hurt? (The doctor in Pennsylvania said the same thing and he kicked the doctor, to the doctor’s surprise)

Why do I need a name bracelet?

Why don’t they know my name? I’ve come a million times don’t they know my name.

Why do I need socks?

I hope she gives me a sticker. Can I have one now?

I smell popcorn, do you smell it?

Can I sit down by you?

Why is there paper on the bed?

Where does the paper come from?

Why is the book missing its things?

How high can my popper pop?

Did you know …?

Has Jonah or Joshua asked you a question? Why not share it with everyone.

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2 Responses to One more question

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Joshua asked me many questions – one of my favorites came after he mastered the fine art of bike riding. “Pop-pop, would you rather walk or ride a bike?” Ride, of course. Wouldn’t everyone?

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