Better then Bacon

Yes I am a bacon fan; in case you missed it I was able to sample a bacon ice cream sundae.

My wife came home the other day with a new discovery. In my opinion this wonderful find could change the world, or at least give some people some very happy taste buds. I’m hopeful that this blog post will encourage the people that made this to begin mass marketing Baconnaise to the rest of the world or at least Cameroon.

It is called Baconnaise. There slogan is “Everything should taste like bacon.” I was skeptical at first but now I think this delicacy should be used on everything. DeAnna called and told me that she had purchased an early Christmas present and I’m glad she did.

For those who like BACON but feel that they can’t eat it with everything, Baconnaise now makes it possible to have the taste of bacon with everything.

Enjoy your Friday and try some Baconnaise.

Warning: This is not a paid advertisement just a happy consumer.

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3 Responses to Better then Bacon

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Baconnaise? Really? Oh well, if it tastes like bacon, it has to be good.

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Well – how far can we go with bacon?

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