We are doing well!  Our lives have been a roller coaster since May with extreme highs and lows.  We are thrilled that Jonah had a good report from the surgeons in Pennsylvania and Missouri.  Both have confirmed that there isn’t any sign of further infection in his amputated finger – hooray!!!!  We returned to Missouri on Tuesday and Jonah was back to his Missouri surgeon on Thursday.  He has more therapy to do, mostly for his middle finger that has stiffness and scarring issues.

We are so happy to finally be hearing good news at doctor’s appointments.  His surgeon in Missouri said we can start looking into our return to Cameroon from a medical standpoint.  Jonah will have another another appointment and more therapy, but we can begin the process to return to Cameroon.

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    God is so good. We miss you (it’s so quiet around here – no one calling out for marshmallows and stars at 6 a.m.) We continue to pray for you as you make preparations to return to Cameroon.

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