Adventures with auditors

The last few weeks have been an edge of your seat action adventure, well if you’re an accountant or an auditor it would be an action adventure movie on the scale of any James Bond movie. Every year a volunteer or two commit to spending three weeks examining our procedures, processes and piles of papers to ensure that we are operating as we should; it takes a patient person but the two that came this year were very excited to help.

This year required a visit to our Maroua office; I was up there last year and took the train and then an eight hour bus ride. It was decided they would take a commercial flight on Cam-Air, in theory it is only a 3 hour flight. But it’s still harmattan time so the desert sands rerouted there flight to Garoua, this was after several hours waiting at a different airport to determine if they would get to go at all. Then they boarded a small bus crammed slightly tighter than sardines in a can, the average is 19 people in a 12 person van. They were very thankful that the finance manager went with them since they didn’t speak any French. They arrived to the lights not working, no electricity. Two days later they made it back to town without any other incident and were able to take a Yaoundé taxi back from the airport, no visit to Cameroon is complete without a ride in the yellow thrill ride. They were glad about the detour, it gave them a chance to see many of the villages that they would have just flown over had the flight went the entire way.

They continued with their work and all was going as planned until I received a text message that the police were not going to accept a certified copy of their passport. Note, when looking for proper identification for the police check points it is important that they don’t see how much money you have because they might assume that if you have so much you will be willing to part with some of it to continue on your way without delay. But, eventually they were released and were back on their way.

They have now finished their work and have returned to the United States I’m waiting for the final report, but I was pleased with all they were able to do and am very thankful for all those who volunteer and assist us for any length of time.

And we know that God causes everything to work togetherfor the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28 NLT

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    A great verse for all occasions. And fortunately, God’s purpose is higher than ours.

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