Treasures in the bed

Anytime you walk anywhere with Jonah, he finds many things that interest him to pick-up.  He ends up with a unique collection of things.  When I change his bedding, it’s also a time of revelation to all the “treasures” he’s found.  Today when changing his bedding, in addition to his 21 various sized stuffed animals, I found the following:

  • letter X key from a laptop
  • Nerf gun bullet
  • Lego piece
  • End of a blue balloon a.k.a. his ring
  • orange barrette
  • SD card in case (missing from our desk drawer)
  • Gum by the foot empty container
  • Scotch tape starter strip (you know the part on the end of a roll of tape that indicates where to start the roll)
  • Two bottle caps for his necklace
  • Coconut change purse
  • Homemade envelope/pouch on a string


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7 Responses to Treasures in the bed

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I think Jonah will be a treasure hunter. He already has the greatest treasure – a life with Jesus and a terrific family.

  2. Mom says:

    He must have inherited the “hoarder” gene. My grandson for sure!

  3. Pop-pop says:

    I like the missionary pilot idea. He must have his great-grandpa Anderson’s love for small planes. Do you remember the plane ride you took with your grandpa?

  4. Pop-pop says:

    Well, I can’t blame you for not remembering the ride – you were only 4 years old.

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