We decided it was time to visit the dentist for a cleaning.  Last year, we visited a dentist in France who examined our teeth and took x-ray’s, but he refused to clean our teeth, so this year we decided to just go for a cleaning at a dentist in town.  The appointment was made for the whole family and on July 13th we left with a cushion of time to arrive and off we went for our 9 am appointment.  We arrived and the waiting area is filled with people waiting.  We filled out the one form required for our whole family and waited patiently.  Soon into the waiting process a beggar came in with a cup to deposit money in.  The receptionist made him leave.  The receptionist informed us that the machine needed to power the dental tools wasn’t working, but there was a technician trying to repair it while we waited.  During our three hour time at the dentist the following processional of venders came in little by little.  First up, a man selling lawn clippers; second, a man selling rat poison; third, a man selling cut coconut (that should be fun to clean out of teeth); forth, a man selling copied DVD’s; fifth, a man selling children’s puzzle books and magazines; sixth, a man selling cut pineapple; seventh, a man selling copied DVD’s; eighth, a man selling clothing; ninth, a man selling papers that look like forms; tenth, a man selling candy and the list goes on for at least four or five more men coming in to sell his goods.  We finally were finished and ready to leave at 12:20pm and each of us sported clean teeth.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Glad you were able to get your teeth clean. Make sure you tell the boys to smile for Pop-pop and nene when they get their pictures taken. And it sounds like the copied DVD’s may have been a bargain. Love you all.

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