The Remaining Need

Francophone Africa Countries

Francophone Africa Countries

Coupled with Nigeria, francophone Africa makes up one of the three areas of greatest Bible translation need in the world today. In francophone Africa alone, there are approximately 380 remaining translation needs. Pray for wisdom for translation personnel and administrators who are drafting comprehensive plans, or strategic outlines for starting projects in this region. Comprehensive planning with partners requires broad thinking and the assembling of ideas, data, and people to make them successful.

Last week I attended a workshop on comprehensive planning which brought together 5 countries in Africa to Yaoundé to see how partnering together we can better use the resources that God has given us. It allowed us to see our strengths and weaknesses and we studied how God uses the strong and weak, rich and poor all to create a lasting impact for His glory.

A comprehensive plan for Cameroon calls for increased partnerships with local and global organizations. Pray for the development of these new partnerships, and for those that are already in place to grow to a level of joint planning. Ask God to guide collaboration efforts in Cameroon. Pray for good conversations, and for the creation of a partnership steering committee.

“There are more French-speaking countries in Africa than there are English-speaking. It is also among these countries that we have the largest number of unreached people groups in Africa.” —Pastor Reuben Ezemadu, Nigeria

-Statistics taken from Wycliffe Intercessor June 2011 Newsletter

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