Labor Day Parade

My new job started this week, May 1st; I began my new role as Director of Administration and Finance. Sunday was Labor Day in Cameroon and this is an important time for all employees to march in the annual Labor Day parade past the Minister of Labor. The directors received their special invitation that gave us special seating to hear the speeches before the parade began and front row viewing for the parade. The parade started a few hours behind schedule because the 8 labor union representative’s speeches went a little long, but it was an interesting time to watch how they tried to engage the Cameroonians into their concerns. But after 6+ hours of sitting waiting for the SIL employees to march by they finally did and we were able to show our support.

Later that night we recognized employees at a special diner. Several received awards from the President of Cameroon for their years of working service.

Even the banks understand the importance of Speaking your language!

We don't have Starbucks in Yaoundé but these carts are all over

There were no floats, but we did have 2 horses.

SIL marching in the Labor Day Parade!

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